Incentive Schemes


Insertion Based Scheme
Insertion Period of consumption Incentive
1-2 within 30 days from 1st insertion 0%
3-5 within 60 days from 1st insertion 3%
6+ within 90 days from 1st insertion 5%
Size Based Scheme
Size (scm) Incentive
240 to 600 3%
601+ 5%
Full Page 10%
Page Incentive
Left Hand Page 25%

Schemes will be applied in the order of Insertion Incentive, size incentive, B & W Incentive, (if applicable) and Left Hand Page incentive (if applicable)

Multiple Incentives cannot be clubbed. They are applied in successive manner as above on reduced base rates.

B / W incentive not applicable for front and back page and for other pages in editions which have full colour printing facility

10% incentive applicable for B / W ads (only in editions which are not full colour)

TOI Mumbai will include TOI - Navi Mumbai and TOI Thane

Left hand page incentive not applicable for page 2 and back page

To avail of multiple rate benefit, the size of the ads must be the same in all editions, however the client can avail of 50% variance in size in case of repeat insertions for the same combination / s


Size (scm) Incentive
121 - 240 3%
241 - 824 5%
824+ 10%

Incentive not offered for YOUR CV and GLOBAL JOBS

Applicable for Ascent, ET Ascent, NBT, MT & SnT