• All Display advertisements on the Power Package. publication/edition. Black & White in Guwahati Print Run, DISPLAY/FINANCIAL - BLACK & WHITE AND brands, whether Black & White or Colour will attract colour rates.
  • Package rates will apply only if the advertisement released is of equal size for the same product / service across all publications in a single insertion, except for compact size publications, where a full page of broadsheet can be published in full page size of compact.
  • Across multiple insertions, the size can vary upto 50% from the largest size ad.
  • Similarly, multiple brands within a product category can be advertised across multiple insertions.
  • There is a pre-determined break-up of allocation to publications / editions comprising of power package (available at all our Response offices) which will be used in case of refunds.
  • Advertisers using a Power Package can additionally opt for any other publication / edition listed in the OTS Maximizer at their respective multiple rates except in the case where the base rate of the publication / edition added is greater than that of the Power Package.
  • Editions will be allowed within power packages or Inter/Intracity packages.
  • Advertisers have the flexibility of not placing their ads in certain editions of a selected package. However, entire package rate will be charged.
  • Full run of TOI -Delhi includes Delhi, NCR, Chandigarh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Haryana and in adjacent areas of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh & Chattisgarh. Metro/Capital run of TOI Delhi includes TOI Delhi City and NCR circulation only. TOI Delhi Upcountry includes Western Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand & Parts of Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan & Chattisgarh.
  • TOI-East includes Kolkata (Metro) and Guwahati.
  • Colour ads booked for inside pages of ET-K will appear in Black & White in the Patna print run. Similarly, ET-Che in Cochin print run.
  • Base rates are applicable in case an advertiser avails any single publication/edition.
  • Publication/ package with the highest rate psc in the combination chosen. The other edition(s)/ publication(s) may be added to the publication(s)/ package(s) at their respective multiple rates.
  • Multiple rate entitles to repeat of the same ad as the base Publication/Power Package in the ratio of 1:1 i.e. if three insertions are availed in a single release order, only three can be added-on, the rest will go on the applicable base rates.
  • The base package / publication / edition and the selected multiples must all be availed within the time frame stipulated for the base package/publication / edition.
  • Any combination rate lower than the base rate will not apply.
  • Pointer rate is common for both Black & White as well as Colour advertisements.
  • Colour ads booked for TOI-East in the inside pages will be published as Black & White in Guwahati Print Run,
  • Advertisers can avail of colour in the inside pages of TOI-D in the capital edition only.
  • Colour ads in the inside pages of the Hubli run of TOI-Bg will appear in Black and White.
  • Colour appointment ads in Ascent - Delhi will appear in colour in capital edition only, and will appear in Black & White in other editions.
  • In case of an ad copy that could be mistaken for a genuine news/edit feature, it must be marked "ADVT". The font size for the "ADVT" must be 1 point larger than the body copy of the ad, in bold upper case and must be placed prominently on the top/bottom of the creative. In the event of the ad creative not being clearly marked "ADVT" , the same would be done by The Times Group. The body copy of the ad creative must not follow the font size or the font family of the concerned newspaper. This applies to advertorial as well.


Advertisers can combine Black & White offerings with colour across Power Packages /OTS Maximizer i.e. An advertiser using TOI-D,L with Delhi in colour the rate applicable will be base rate of TOI-D from the colour OTS Maximiser and multiple rate of Lucknow as per the Black and White OTS Maximizer. (Power package as per the pre-determined breakup available with our respective Response offices. Other combinations - Applicable rate as per the Black & White and Colour OTS Maximizer.)


Web links to advertiser's websites will be available at a flat charge of Rs. 500/- per ad in a publication/ package per web link (multiple web links per ad possible).


The dimension of an advertisment should be in cm x cm ( square centimeter), hence it is imperative to define size of an ad as "Width x Height" in all communications including the release order.

Minimum size of an ad should be 4cm x 3cm. In case of appointments, minimum size of an ad should be 8cm x 6cm (overseas - 8 cm x 4 cm) & in multiples of 8cms in width.

Ads will be accepted in units of integer centimeters both in width & height i.e. width or height of an advertisement should not be represented in decimals i.e. 25.5 cms. Only for ads which are carried in fixed sizes (refer Block 'A') ad sizes will be accepted in fractions of a centimeter in width as specified.

In case the ad width is equal to the page width the published width will be 32.9 cms - for broadsheet publications.

Ads above 47 cms in height (Appointment 43 cms - Ascent, 42 cms - Overseas Appointments) will be charged at 52.5 cms - for broadsheet publications.

Ads above 29 cms in height will be charged at a height of 32.9 cms - for Mirror and Sandhya Times publications.

Ads above 29 cms in width will be charged at a width of 32.9 cms - for broadsheet publications.

Ads above 21 cms in width will be charged at a width of 25.3 cms - for Mirror and Sandhya Times publications.

Full page width strip ad should be minimum of 3 cm in height.

In terms of ad size for billing purposes, a fraction of will be adjusted to the nearest integral For eg: ads measuring 5cms x 5.5cms = 27.5 sq cm will be charged at 28 sq cm.

The maximum dimension acceptable is 32.9 cms in width and 52.5 cms in height for broadsheets and 25.3 cms in width and 32.9 cms in height for Sandhya Times and Mirror.

Panorama Centre Spread width = 67.8 cms. In case of Sandhya Times and Mirror the width is 52.5 cms.


  Material Screen Deadline
Black & White Ads Bromide/Artpull 75-85 3 clear days in advance
Colour Ads- SNP Colour +ve with PP 85 LPI 3 days in advance
- GNP Colour +ve with PP 120 LPI 2 weeks in advance


File formats Uncompressed and generic : EPS, PDF (Version 1.2 or higher)
Resolution: 1200 DPI for SNP Black and White and Colour 2540 DPI for GNP Colour
Creation: Convert all text to curves/vectors.
Front Page / Sports Front Page / Business Times Front Page 12x20,12x25 cm or 16x25 cm 25.3 cms x 5 cms 12x20,12x25 cm or 16x25 cm 8x15 cm upto 16x25 cm 8x15 or 12x10 cm upto 12 x 15 cm
Pointer 4.89 cm x 3 cm 3.85 x 3 cm 3.85 x 3 cm 3.85 x 3 cm



  • Advertisements must comply with:
    a) Our code of standards
    b) State laws
  • We stand indemnified against any claims arising directly or indirectly from the publication or non- publication of an advertisement.
  • Advertisements are accepted in good faith but we cannot accept responsibility for their veracity, delay, error, omission in publication, forwarding replies and shrinkage in production etc.
  • We may at our sole discretion edit, classify, reject and choose to omit, suspend or change the position of any advertisement.
  • We endeavour to publish advertisements on schedule but the dates of publication cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to advance or postpone the date or release by a week, either way albeit after prior intimation.
  • We reserve the right to revise rates & terms without issuing any prior notice. In the event of any national, state or local levies being imposed on printing materials, such taxes will be payable by the advertiser.
  • We are not bound by any conditions which conflict with those stated in our rate card.
  • These conditions are cumulative on any specific agreement that may be set forth between our Response Department and Advertisers.
  • Release orders received at incorrect rates will be complied with at the applicable tariff in force.
  • Irrespective of the rates mentioned in the R/O, the rate applicable to the category of ad released would be charged and payable.
  • All release orders must be accompanied with advertisement material before the deadline as specified under Material Specification in the Maximizer. If in exceptional situations a confirmation is required, on the basis of a letter or RO without accompanying material, agency /client will have to boldly inscribe the legend "RATE CATEGORY AS DETERMINED BY YOU IS ACCEPTABLE" on both letter and the RO.
  • All Release Orders having multiple publications/ editions should be consumed within the time specified.
  • Rate, as applicable on the insertion date will apply, irrespective of the date of booking.
  • Series Incentives: All insertion dates must be mentioned in a single release order to qualify for series incentives.
  • Reservations which are not confirmed prior to the booking deadline will stand cancelled.
  • Justified and accepted complaints entitle advertisers to a maximum refund of the insertion cost.
  • We reserve the right to cancel advertising at any time upon default in payment.
  • Size variation in advertisements is permissible only to the extent of dealers' addresses/Walk-in interview ads.
  • Certified voucher cutting of advertisements will be provided on request latest upto 1 month of the date of publication.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for advertisements missed or rejected subsequent to acceptance of Release Order/Material.
  • Materials will be retained at our end for a period of one month from the date of publication. Advertisers wanting to recall their materials should do so within 30 days, as after this period we will not be responsible for any material / republishing the ad material.
  • Last page of the publication minus pull outs of features/supplements is to be considered as the back page.
  • If an agency/client submits a laser print/artwork the responsibility of reproduction rests with the agency/client.
  • Overseas recruitment Agent to disclose their recruitment License number in the material
  • Death Certificate may be required for obituary advertisements
  • FIR lodged proof to be provided for missing advertisements.
  • Complaints on advertisements regarding reproduction etc. must be brought to our notice within a week of publication of the advertise-ment, otherwise they may not be entertained.
  • Unless there are different creatives, only one set of creatives maybe submitted for orders involving multiple publications of our group either in bromide/positive form or in digital form (as per our standards of Digital Ad Acceptance).
  • For Panorama Ads you would be required to submit:
    Positives for centres: Chandigarh, Lucknow, Patna, Bangalore, Hubli, Manipal, Kolkata, Eastern India Split, Bhubaneshwar, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai and Cochin.
    Negatives for centres: Delhi, Mumbai and Pune in physical form only. Please contact our local offices for further details.
  • Responsibility of providing the ad material vests with the agency who places the order.
  • Add-on to an already existing release order should be done within seven working days after the last insertion date or 30 days from the first insertion whichever is later. This is subject to a maximum period of 90 days between the first insertion and the last in the release order.
  • Proofs received along with digital material in CD/other form are only for reference and not for matching reproduction. Proofs received on SNP only be used for matching with reproduction. In cases where proof is not on SNP, the reproduction responsibility will rest with the advertiser.
  • Ads published can have variation of plus or minus 2 mm from the specified size. All materials which are accepted are carried in the stipulated size given, however, due to format used / calibration issue the ad may be published within a variation of plus or minus 2 mm. The advertisement however, will be charged at the stipulated size only.

CANCELLATION/POSTPONEMENT CHARGES* (for reserved / confirmed orders)

Colour sections 15 days 9-14 days 8 days
BE/ Times Life / CD 10% 20% 100%

Cancellation charges would be 10% of the total value of the ad for Mainline and Tims. Cancellation charges shall be applicable to premium positions viz. Pg 1 / Pg 3 / Pg 5 / Back Page. Refer to Scheduling Guidelines for further details.

No cancellation will be accepted once the issue has been finalised i.e. after the issue closing deadlines. * Cancellation charges for Ascent - as per local guidelines.